1991 - 1996
Transactional Entertainment Series

Mike Levey

Amazing Discoveries was a late-night talk show hosted and
created by Mike Levey, a former Electrical Engineer who
had previously operated a Dial-A-Joke service called The
Mainline and subsequently worked for Twin Star Productions,
Inc. before leaving Twin Star to form his own company,
Positive Response Television, and host and create Amazing
Discoveries. Michael Stephen Levey was born on May 28,
1948 in Los Angeles, California, one of 2 sons (including a
brother, Val Levey) in a family of 4. A spin-off series, Ask
Mike, aired from 1993-1998 before Mike Levey retired from
broadcasting. After a brief illness, on August 2, 2003, Mike
Levey died of natural causes at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
in Los Angeles, California at age 55, survived by his wife,
Lisa Levey; 3 children, including sons Jake and Steven as
well as a daughter, Jennifer Levey Churchill; his brother,
Val Levey; and 2 grandsons, Ryan and Ethan Levey.

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