March 24, 1979 - July 26, 1980
CBS Situation Comedy
26 Episodes


Morris Buttermaker:   Jack Warden
Dr. Emily Rappant:   Catherine Hicks
Roy Turner:   Phillip R. Allen
Leslie Ogilvie:   Sparky Marcus
Tanner Boyle:   Meeno Peluce
Rudi Stein:   Billy Jacoby
Regi Tower:   Corey Feldman
Timmy Lupus:   Shane Butterworth
Ahmad Abdul Rahim:   Kristoff St. John
Mike Engelberg:   J. Brennan Smith
Miguel Agilar:   Charles Nunez
Jose Agilar:   Danny Nunez
Amanda Whirlitzer:   Tricia Cast
Frosty:   Bill Lazarus
Kelly Leek:   Gregg Forrest
Josh Matthews:   Rad Daly

Former minor-league baseball player Morris Buttermaker
was trying to make a living as a swimming-pool cleaner, but
his tempoer got him another, part-time job. When one of his
clients refused to pay him, Morris drove the client's car into
the pool. Dragged into court, he was given the alternative of
"volunteering" to coach the baseball team at Hoover Junior
High or going to jail. He chose baseball, but soon found that
jail might have been more rewarding--the Hoover Bears
were as sorry a pack of youthful misfits and bumblers as
could be found anywhere. It was a miracle that he managed
to get them to accomplish anything. Dr. Emily Rappant was
Hoover's principal, Roy Turner, the coach of the hated rival
Lions, and Amanda Whirlitzer, the Bears' star pitcher, whose
mother Morris had dated at one time, and Amanda was always
looking for ways to get them back together. The only member
of the Bears who was not on the team when the series premiered
was Josh Matthews, who transferred in the fall of 1979.

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