Premiered July 28, 1997
Comedy Central Original Game Show

Ben Stein
Jimmy Kimmel
Nancy Pimenthal
Sal Iacono

Win Ben Stein's Money began each episode with 3 studio
contestants and $5,000 in Ben Stein's bank. Five categories
were always available for contestants to choose from, with
pun-laden titles hinting at the questions' content. After a
contestant chose a category, Stein asked a toss-up question
that was assigned a dollar value depending on difficulty.

The contestant with the lowest score at the end of Round 1 was
eliminated from the game, after which Ben Stein himself
defended his money by becoming a contestant. The high-
scorer from this round went on to compete against Stein himself
in the Bonus Round, the Best of 10 Test of Knowledge. The
contestant had the choice of playing first or second. If the
contestant answered more questions than Stein, he/she became
$5,000 richer. If Stein answered more questions correctly, the
contestant only kept winnings from the first 2 rounds. In the
event the Bonus Round ended in a tie, the contestant earned
an additional $1,000. Sometimes celebrities appeared as
contestants for Charity e.g. the cast of "The Daily Show."

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Win Ben Stein's Money

Win Ben Stein's Money
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