November 5, 1987 - April 22, 1988
NBC Crime Drama
13 Filmed Episodes


Norman Buntz:   Dennis Franz
Sidney Thurston:   Peter Jurasik
Rebecca Giswold:   Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Lt. James Pugh:   Guy Boyd

Television lost its most beloved police drama but
gained two seedy private eyes in this spin-off from Hill
Street Blues. In the final Hill Street episode Buntz punched
out pompous Chief Daniels and resigned. He then moved
wit his friend Sid "the Snitch" to Los Angeles, California
after opening his own low-rent private eye business. Fish
out of water in trendy L.A., the two shifty sleazeballs took
on the dregs of detective work, but somehow managed to
get things done when higher priced talent could not. Sid,
true to his code, cooked up a succession of scams to
augment their income. Beverly Hills Buntz confused
critics and viewers alike. NBC was so uncertain of its
chances that it ran four "try out" episodes in various time
periods before beginning a regular run in March 1988.

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