September 21, 1976 - April 6, 1978
NBC Military Drama
37 Filmed Episodes


Maj. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington:   Robert Conrad
Col. Lard, USMC:   Dana Elcar
Capt. James W. Gutterman:   James Whitmore, Jr.
Lt. Jerry Bragg:   Dirk Blocker
Lt. T.J. Wiley:   Robert Ginty
Lt. Bob Anderson:   John Larroquette
Lt. Lawrence Casey:   W.K. Stratton
Gen. Moore:   Simon Oakland
Hutch:   Joey Aresco
Lt. Don French:   Jeff MacKay
Lt. Bob Boyle:   Larry Manetti
Sgt. Andy Micklin:   Red West
Cpl. Stan Richards:   Steve Richmond
Capt. Tommy Harachi:   Byron Chung
Capt. Dottie Dixon:   Katherine Cannon
Lt. Jeb Pruitt:   Jeb Adams
Nurse Samantha Green:   Denise DuBarry
Nurse Ellie:   Kathy McCullen
Nurse Susan:   Brianne Leary
Nurse Nancy Gilmore:   Nancy Conrad

Based loosely on the book Baa Baa Black Sheep, by the
World War II Marine Corps flying ace Gregory Boyington,
Black Sheep Squadron was the true story of a squadron of
misfit fliers in the South Pacific during World War II. Squadron
214 was composed of men who had been on the verge of
court-martial before Boyington provided reprieves. They
had been charged with everything from fighting with officers,
to stealing booze, to being general nuisances and noncon-
formists. Pappy maintained almost no discipline, ignored
military regulations, and did not care what his men did
when they weren't on missions. As long as they could fly
and do the job when necessary, nothing else mattered to
Pappy. Given this personal code, Pappy was completely
at home with his men, whether they were chasing women,
getting into brawls, conning the military hierarchy or civilian
populations, or even as far as intercepting the Japanese.

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