October 7, 1985 - March 5, 1990
CBC & Disney Channel Adventure
123 Episodes


Dr. Grant "Doc" Roberts:   Donnelly Rhodes
Jonah Roberts:   Christopher Crabb
Nicole Roberts:   Ocean Hellman
Joyce Carter:   Deborah Wakeham
J.L. Duval:   Susan Walden
Dr. George Dunbar:   Hagan Beggs
Dr. Donna Chen:   Michele Chan
Cliff Howard:   Bill Ferguson

Filmed entirely on location in Vancouver, Canada, Danger
Bay centered on Marine Veterinarian Dr. Grant Roberts, a
widower, and his adventures along with his 2 teenage children,
Jonah and Nicole. Other characters seen over the series'
6-season, 5-year run included Dr.s George Dunbar & Donna
Chen, Doc's colleagues, and his old friend Cliff Howard.

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