February 29, 1988 - June 4, 1989
NBC Situation Comedy
33 Filmed Episodes


Brian Harper:   Douglas Sheehan
Kate Harper:   Linda Kelsey
Ross Harper:   Christopher Daniel Barnes
Eileen Swift:   Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Kristin Carlson:   Courtney Thorne-Smith
Molly:   Thora Birch
Blake:   Garrett Taylor
Justin O'Donnell:   Chris Finefrock
Sammy Schrom:   Robert Chavez
Buddy Schrom:   Mark Gordon
Stiv Miltman:   Gino de Mauro
Emily Harper:   Catherine Donahue
  Mary Donahue

A spin-off of the hit '80s sitcom Family Ties, Day By Day
was about a couple of suburban overachievers who dropped
out and opened a daycare center in their home. Why? Well,
with the arrival of their second child, stockbroker Brian and
his wife Kate, a lawyer, decided that they were missing their
children's best years and wanted to be at home. Gangly
teenager Ross, who enjoyed his independence and girl
chasing, was not sure that was such a good idea--especially
the "quality time" his underfoot dad now wanted to spend
with him. But there were compensations, notably the sexy
Kristin whom his parents hired to help run the center.

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