October 8, 2000 - February 6, 2004
NBC Comedy-Drama - 83 Filmed Episodes


Ed Stevens:   Thomas Cavanagh
Carol Vessey:   Julie Bowen
Mike Burton:   Josh Randall
Nancy Burton:   Jana Marie Hupp
Molly Hudson:   Lesley Boone
Phil Stubbs:   Michael Ian Black
Eli Cartwright Goggins III:   Daryl Mitchell
Shirley Pifko:   Rachel Cronin
Warren P. Cheswick:   Justin Long
Mark Vanacore:   Michael R. Genadry
Diane Snyder:   Ginnifer Goodwin
Kenny Sandusky:   Mike Starr
Dennis Martino:   John Slattery
Dr. Walter R. Jerome:   Marvin Chatinover
Jennifer Young:   Marcy Harriell
Frankie:   Sabrina Lloyd
Nick Stanton:   Gregory Harrison
Vanessa:   Jill Brawner
Kate:   Mary Ellen Craven
Jessica Martell:   Robin Paul
Jenny Rugale:   Alicia Van Couvering
Tim Cooper:   Noah Bean
Matthew Crane:   Richard Council
Jim Frost:   Pat Finn
Russell:   Nate Mooney
Gavin Shrader:   Max Rosmarin
Bonnie Hane:   Rena Sofer
Smiling Goat waiter:   Jason Horton
Fozcat:   Mark Matkevich
Nurse:   Gale Mayron

From the writer/producers of 'The Late Show with David
Letterman,' this one-hour romantic comedy centers on
Ed Stevens, a former New York lawyer who, after being
fired and catching his wife cheating on him, decides
to return to his hometown of Stuckeyville, Ohio.

Once there, Ed makes an effort to recapture his past.
He pursues Carol Vessey, the most popular girl from his
high school class; and he moves in with his best friend
Mike, a doctor whose multi-tasking wife Nancy is
valiantly trying to balance work and parenting. On an
impulse, Ed buys the local bowling alley which becomes
his impromptu law office. In no time, Stuckeybowl becomes
the main hub of activity in town, allowing Ed to see his
hometown and its eccentric citizens with fresh eyes.

While Carol is initially disinterested in Ed's advance,
she begins to succumb to her persistent suitor, encouraged
by her persistent best friend and colleague Molly.

Ed also helps out Warren, a socially inept but
likable high school student who often reminds
Ed of a younger version of himself.

In addition, Stuckeybowl is stocked with an odd but appealing
group of staff workers, headed by newcomer Eli, fast-talking
supervising manager; the ever-scamming Phil, the bowling alley
manager; and the awkward Shirley, who assists Ed and tends
the food-and-beverage counter.

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