September 17, 1965 - April 8, 1966
ABC Crime Drama
30 Episodes


Honey West:   Anne Francis
Sam Bolt:   John Ericson
Aunt Meg:   Irene Hervey

Honey West was a true rarity in 1965, a female private
detective. She had inherited the family detective business
and partner Sam Bolt from her late father, and she made
quite a fetching female James Bond. Honey was skilled at
judo, proficient at karate, owned a weapons arsenal full of
the most amazing devices, and used a specially modified
lipstick that contained a radio transmitter. Her traveling
office was a specially equipped spy van called "H.W. Bolt
& Co. TV Service." She had everything necessary to track
down the bad guys--even a trench coat. The love of her
life was her pet ocelot, Bruce, much to the consternation
of her partner Sam, who wanted to marry her.

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