September 23, 1987 - July 26, 1989
ABC Situation Comedy
42 Episodes


Det. Harry Hooperman:   John Ritter
Susan Smith:   Debrah Farentino
Capt. C.Z. Stern:   Barbara Bosson
Lou Stern:   Dan Lauria
Off. Boris "Bobo" Pritzger:   Clarence Felder
Off. Maureen "Mo" DeMott:   Sydney Walsh
Off. Rick Silardi:   Joseph Gian
Insp. Clarence McNeil:   Felton Perry
Betty Bushkin:   Alix Elias
T.J.:   Paul Linke
Rudy:   Rod Gist

The mid-1980s vogue for "dramedies" (half-hour comedy/
dramas) was perhaps best exemplified by this odd cross
between Hill Street Blues and Barney Miller, which combined
humorous moments with hard action. Hooperman was a little
like Lt. Goldblume of Hill Street, a thoughtful cop who hated
to use his gun. His superior on the San Francisco P.D. was
Capt. Stern, whose demanding manner masked basic
insecurities, especially about her failed marriage. Mo was a
female officer dedicated to "saving" her handsome-but-gay
partner Rick, Bobo the redneck, and Betty the dispatcher.

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