September 15, 1965 - April 15, 1968
NBC Spy Drama - 82 Filmed Episodes


Kelly Robinson:   Robert Culp
Alexander Scott (Scotty):   Bill Cosby
Shelby Clavell:   Antoinette Bower
Sorgi:   Sheldon Leonard
Sam-than McLean:   France Nuyen
Colonel Benkovsky:   Alan Oppenheimer
Zarkas:   Harold Stone
Russ Conway:   Kenneth Tobey

Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott were a team of American
agents. The cover used by Kelly was that of a top-seeded
tennis player traveling around the world for tournaments.
Alexander Scott's cover was as trainer and traveling
companion to Robinson. Both of them were dedicated to
government service and America, but their dedication did
not stop them from often questioning the motives and
purposes behind some of the maneuvers in which they were
involved. Their casual approach to life, and job, was a
very refreshing contrast to the nature of their work.

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