September 29, 1963 - March 29, 1964
CBS Musical Variety Series


Host:   Judy Garland
Himself:   Jerry Van Dyke
Himself:   Ken Murray
Themselves:   The Mort Lindsey Orchestra
Themselves:   The Ernie Flatt Dancers
Themselves:   The Nick Castle Dancers
Themselves:   The Peter Gennaro Dancers
Musical Advisor:   Mel Torme

Throughout its short history, The Judy Garland Show was
a series desperately looking for a format. When it first went
into production under the guidance of a young George Schlatter
it wasto be modeled after Judy's highly successful special
that had aired in the spring of 1963--glossy, full of big
production numbers, with a brassy driving quality. Schlatter
was fired after five shows had been taped, and was replaced
by Norman Jewison. His efforts were geared to make Judy's
show more folksy, in the style of The Garry Moore Show, in
the hope that that approach would attract some of the
audience of NBC's top-rated Bonanza. By the time it left the
air in March 1964, The Judy Garland Show had gone through 2
more producers, still without making a dent on Bonanza.

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Judy Garland
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The Judy Garland Show

The Judy Garland Show
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