September 16, 1965 - April 7, 1967
NBC Western


Reese Bennett:   Neville Brand
Chad Cooper:   Peter Brown
Joe Riley:   William Smith
Capt. Edward Parmalee:   Philip Carey
Erik Hunter:   Robert Wolders

Stories of the Texas Rangers in the post-Civil War era
were told with humor as well as action in this series. The
stories centered around three members of Company B and
their senior officer, Capt. Parmalee. Former Union Army
officer Reese Bennett was already in his 40s when he
joined the Rangers, and his age was quite a source of
amusement to the two much younger rangers who were
his partners. Riley had been a gunfighter whose activities
were not exactly legal, and he had joined the Rangers
because he liked action but wanted sanctuary from lawmen
in other territories who were after him. Cooper, a Boston
native and wartime member of the Border Patrol, joined
the Rangers after the war to continue his hunt for the
American gunrunners who had sold arms to the Mexicans
who had wiped out most of his comrades. All three
retained a sense of humor about life, however, and
Capt. Parmalee, a stern man who assigned them their
missions, sometimes found their jokes and horseplay
rather frustrating. Erik Hunter was added to the cast
at the start of the second season as a new Ranger.

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