June 18, 2006 - September 3, 2006
HBO Situation Comedy
13 Episodes


Louie:   Louis C.K.
Kim:   Pamela Adlon
Lucy:   Kelly Gould
Mike:   Mike Hagerty
Ellen:   Kim Hawthorne
Tina:   Laura Kightlinger
Walter:   Jerry Minor
Rich:   Jim Norton
Jerry:   Rick Shapiro

Lucky Louie revolves around the life of Louie, a part-time
mechanic, who lives with his wife, Kim, a full-time nurse, and
their four-year-old daughter, Lucy. The series is, at first glance,
a classic-style sitcom inspired by Norman Lear's classic
shows. Unlike many of its contemporaries, it featured a three-
camera shoot in front of a live audience with no laugh track.

The cast of Lucky Louie is notable for including performers
better known for stand-up comedy rather than acting.

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