October 14, 1995 - May 16, 2009
FOX Comedy/Variety Series
321 Episodes


Himself:   Craig Anton
Himself:   Bryan Callen
Himself:   David Herman
Himself:   Orlando Jones
Himself:   Phil LaMarr
Himself:   Artie Lange
Herself:   Mary Scheer
Herself:   Nicole Sullivan
Herself:   Debra Wilson
Himself:   Tim Conlon
Himself:   Will Sasso
Himself:   Pablo Francisco
Himself:   Aries Spears
Herself:   Alex Borstein
Himself:   Chris Hogan
Himself:   Pat Kilbane
Herself:   Lisa Kushell
Himself:   Andrew Bowen
Herself:   Mo Collins
Himself:   Michael McDonald
Himself:   Nelson Ascencio
Herself:   Brooke Totman
Himself:   Christian Duguay
Himself:   Jeff Richards
Herself:   Dannah Feinglass
Himself:   Andrew Daly
Herself:   Stephnie Weir
Himself:   Frank Caliendo
Herself:   Kathryn Fiore
Himself:   Taran Killam
Himself:   Bobby Lee
Himself:   Ike Barinholtz
Herself:   Jill-Michele Melean
Himself:   Josh Meyers
Himself:   Ron Pederson
Himself:   Simon Helberg
Himself:   Paul Vogt
Herself:   Christina Moore
Herself:   Daniele Gaither
Herself:   Gillian Vigman
Herself:   Nicole Parker
Himself:   Jordan Peele
Himself:   Keegan-Michael Key
Herself:   Melissa Paull
Herself:   Crista Flanagan
Himself:   Spencer Kayden
Himself:   Arden Myrin
Himself:   Frank Caeti
Herself:   Nicole Randall Johnson
Herself:   Lisa Donovan
Himself:   Johnny A. Sanchez
Herself:   Anjelah Johnson
Himself:   Dan Oster
Herself:   Daheli Hall
Herself:   Erica Ash
Herself:   Lauren Pritchard
Himself:   Eric Price
Himself:   Matt Braunger

MAD TV offered commercial spoofs, music video parodies,
movie satires, TV series spoofs, political satire, and social
commentary. Most episodes included a segment in which
some or all of the cast were in a living room, out of character,
chatting with the studio and/or at-home audience tuned in.

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