September 25, 1976 - October 30, 1976
ABC Situation Comedy
9 Filmed Episodes


Taro Takahashi:   Pat Morita
Tina Kelly:   Susan Blanchard
Michi Takahashi:   Pat Suzuki
Harvard:   Ted Lange
Miss Llewellyn:   Miriam Byrd-Nethery
Uncle Matsu Takahashi:   "Jerry" Hatsuo Fujikawa
Sachi Takahashi:   June Angela
Aki Takahashi:   Gene Profanto

This spin-off from the hit '70s sitcom Welcome Back,
Kotter centered on Taro Takahashi, a Japanese inventor
who had been transferred from his native Tokyo, Japan to
Chicago, Illinois. In the 2nd season Welcome Back, Kotter
episode Career Day, Pat Morita made an appearance as
Taro Takahashi, who in the episode offered Gabe Kotter a
job working for him in Chicago. Gabe turned Taro down,
and the subsequent 1976 spin-off Mr. T & Tina began.

While in Chicago, Taro had to cope with the Americanization
of his household by a nutty, effervescent, Nebraska-born
housekeeper named Tina Kelly. Tina was well-intentioned
but sometimes her idea of a happy home were at fearful
odds with the traditional, male-dominated society from which
the Takahashis had so recently come. Michi was Taro's
sister-in-law, Uncle Matsu the staunch traditionalist, and
Sachi and Aki the two children. On the American side were
Harvard, the handyman, & Miss Llewellyn, the landlady.

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