March 21, 1995 - July 13, 1999
NBC Situation Comedy - 97 Filmed Episodes


Dave Nelson:   Dave Foley
Lisa Miller:   Maura Tierney
Bill McNeal:   Phil Hartman
Catherine Duke:   Khandi Alexander
Matthew Brock:   Andy Dick
Joe Garelli:   Joe Rogan
Beth:   Vicki Lewis
Jimmy James:   Stephen Root
Max Lewis:   Jon Lovitz

This fast-paced and edgy comedy takes a
diverse group of people and turns them into
an unlikely extended family in the workplace.

The show takes a look at the lives of people
who spend twelve hours a day in a small
office together. Dave Nelson, an enthusiastic
and quietly confident New York City transplant,
via Wisconsin, takes his job as WNYX news
director very seriously. In an effort to command
the respect of his quirky staff, he must
constantly interpret the signals he receives
from his eccentric boss, Jimmy James; pacify
his sassy secretary, Beth; as well as balance
his personal and professional relationship with
attractive and witty, albeit insecure, longtime
newswriter Lisa Miller. Accident-prone, nervous
street reporter Matthew Brock and Joe Garelli,
the resident electrician with a penchant for
conspiracy theories, round out the newsroom.

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