September 24, 1999 - May 5, 2000
CBS Science Fiction
22 Episodes


Michael Wiseman:   Eric Close
Dr. Theodore Morris:   Dennis Haysbert
Roger Bender:   Gerrit Graham
Heather Wiseman:   Heather Matarazzo
Lisa Wiseman:   Margaret Colin
Michael Wiseman (pilot only):   John Goodman

Frustrated, overweight Michael Wiseman was waiting
for a subway in New York when he was accidentally pushed
off the platform into the path of an upcoming train. His body
died, and his family held his funeral, but humorless Dr.
Morris, in charge of an experimental government research
team, had removed his brain and kept it alive so that it
could be placed into a perfect, genetically enhanced body. In
return for saving his life and giving him a new body, he
had to promise to "stay dead" and not let any of his family,
friends, or loved ones know that he was, in a manner of
speaking, still alive. That was difficult. Michael's wife,
Lisa, was in dire straits, forced to fight for the $1 million
settlement she was due from the ruthless insurance
company for which he had worked. She even had to go
on welfare for a time due to lack of funds. Eventually
Michael, in his new body, convinced his company to
settle because he knew things about its shady dealings
that would prove embarrassing if they were made public.

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