September 11, 1986 - May 8, 1988
NBC Family Drama
46 Episodes


Gus Witherspoon:   Wilford Brimley
Jesse Witherspoon:   Deidre Hall
Kris Witherspoon:   Shannen Doherty
David Witherspoon:   Chad Allen
Molly Witherspoon:   Keri Houlihan
Joe Kaplan:   Gerald S. O'Loughlin
Bertha:   Nicole Dubuc
Crimshaw:   Owen Bush
Cliff:   Bob Hoy
Mark:   Thomas Wilson Brown
J.R. Dutton:   David Mendenhall
Johnny Witherspoon:   Patrick Duffy

The Associated Press called this homey series "a family
show suitable for framing." It was certainly warm and old-
fashioned, a gentle story about getting along and growing
up. Gus was a cantankerous 65-year-old grandpa with a
walrus mustache who treasured his privacy living alone
in his handsome, tree-shaded Victorian house. However,
when his married son died, Gus was faced with the prospect
of taking in his distraught widow Jesse--who had no
funds--and her three rambunctious children. That was the
end of serenity in Gus' house. It was now "our house."

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