Premiered December 5, 1993
Nickelodeon Situation Comedy


Big Pete Wrigley:   Michael C. Maronna
Little Pete Wrigley:   Danny Tamberelli
Don Wrigley:   Hardy Rawls
Joyce Wrigley:   Judy Grafe
Ellen Hickle:   Alison Fanelli
Artie, The Strongest Man in the World:   Toby Huss
Nona Mecklenberg:   Michelle Trachtenberg
Mr. Mecklenberg:   Iggy Pop

Surreal comedy, reminiscent of Eerie, Indiana, in which a
peaceful suburban neighborhood was a strange and skewed
world as seen through the eyes of a preteen--in this case
hyperactive "Little Pete" Wrigley. Strangeness abounded
in the quiet town of Wellsville. For one thing Pete's teenage
brother was also named Pete, for no particular reason. Don,
his dad, was a balding goofbal obsessed by his lawn, and
Joyce, his mom, had a plate in her head on which she could
pick up police radio and other odd signals. Artie, the truly
nutty neighbor, was a rubber-faced inventor who dressed in
red tights and maybe really was a comic-book superhero. At
least he was Little Pete's hero. Ellen was Big Pete's friend
and Nona the oddly perceptive little girl next door; only Big
Pete, who narrated, was half normal. Nimbus was the family
dog, and Petunia was Little Pete's bizarre tattoo. Parents,
teachers, neighbors, school crossing guards, and others all
acted illogically, but Little Pete's adventures usually worked out.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete originated as a series of one-
minute vignettes in 1990, was expanded into five specials,
and then became a regular series in late 1993. The series
was filmed entirely on location in Leonia, New Jersey.

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