September 12, 1954 - March 17, 1957
CBS Situation Comedy - 104 Filmed Episodes


Susie McNamara:   Ann Sothern
Peter Sands:   Don Porter
Vi Praskins, receptionist:   Ann Tyrrell
Cagey Calhoun:   Jesse White
Sylvia Platt:   Joan Banks
The drugstore boy:   Joseph Nartocana

The misadventures of Susie, McNamera, the private
secretary to Peter Sands, a very successful New York
talent agent. Susie was attractive, efficient, and
conscientious, but she also couldn't tell when her
responsibilities to her boss ended, and, as a result,
kept getting mixed up in his personal life. Vi Praskins,
the agency's receptionist/switchboard operator, was
Susie's friend, as was Sylvia, although the latter was
often vying with Susie for the attentions of a partic-
ularly attractive man. Peter's chief competition in
the talent business was fast-talking, loudmouthed,
cigar-smoking Cagey Calhoun.

This series also went under the title "Susie" and
"The Adventures of Susie." Repeats of the series
were aired in primetime on NBC during the
summers of 1953 and 1954.

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