January 3, 1984 - August 22, 1986
NBC Crime Drama
56 Episodes


Cody Allen:   Perry King
Nick Ryder:   Joe Penny
Murray "Boz" Bozinsky:   Thom Bray
Mama Jo:   Anne Francis
Lt. Ted Quinlan:   Jack Ging
Kirk "The Dool" Dooley:   Ken Olandt
,b>Lt. Joanna Parisi:   June Chadwick

Cody Allen and Nick Ryder were two Southern California
beach bums who decided to go into the private-detective
business. Working from Cody's cabin cruiser, the Riptide,
docked at Pier 56 in King's Harbor, or from their hangout,
the Straightaways Restaurant, they had at least two advantages
over the competition: Cody's speedboat, the Ebbtide, and Nick's
aging but servicable helicopter, the Screaming Mimi.

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