August 24, 1991 - May 10, 1994
FOX Situation Comedy
72 Episodes


Charles "Roc" Emerson:   Charles S. Dutton
Eleanor Emerson:   Ella Joyce
Joey Emerson:   Rocky Carroll
Andrew Emerson:   Carl Gordon
Wiz:   Garrett Morris
Miles Taylor:   Oscar Brown, Jr.
Curtis Vincent:   Wally Taylor
Helen:   Heidi Swedberg
Jenise:   Natalie Belcon
Charlaine:   Ann Weldon
  Jenifer Lewis
Sheila Hendricks:   Alexis Fields
Crazy George Stevens:   Jamie Foxx
Andre Thompson:   Clifton Powell

Charles "Roc" Emerson was a hard-working black garbage
man in Baltimore, Maryland, just trying to make enough money to
provide for his family. He had a good heart and good instincts,
eve if he wasn't too bright--when confronted with something
he didn't understand, his usual response was "I ain't worked
that out yet." Living with Roc were his loving wife Eleanor,
a nightshifft nurse whose work schedule was not doing their
love life much good; his freeloading kid brother Joey, an
unemployed trumpet player with a penchant for gambling and
other fast-buck schemes; and his opinionated father Andrew,
who distrusted white people and attributed almost everything
of consequence to blacks. Roc's buddy Wiz, so named because
of a bladder problem, was a regular at the local bar where
Roc hung out during his spare time. Charles S. Dutton, who
created Roc, had been in prison for manslaughter and other
offenses for 14 years until his 1976 parole, after which he
became a successful stage actor before hiring Stan Daniels
to write a pilot script for Roc. By the time of his parole, Dutton,
a 7th-grade Dropout, not only got his GED, but also 2 college
degrees--including a theater degree from Yale University.

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