May 15, 1981 - July 17, 1984
NBC & Cinemax Comedy Series


Himself:   Joe Flaherty
Herself:   Andrea Martin
Himself:   John Candy
Himself:   Eugene Levy
Himself:   Rick Moranis
Herself:   Catherine O'Hara
Himself:   Dave Thomas
Himself:   Martin Short
Herself:   Mary Charlotte Wilcox

In 1981 SCTV Network 90 debuted on the NBC TV Network.

Station president Guy Caballero and station manager Edith
Prickley were around, along with "The Happy Wanderers,"
a polka variety show hosted by Stan and Yosh Shmenge;
Gil Fiher, the "Fishin' Musician"; "Great White North," a
talk show with two beer-drinking buddies, Bob and Doug
MacKenzie; "Mel's Rock Pile," a satire on Don Kirshner's
Rock Concert hosted by Mel Slurp; "The Sammy Maudlin
Show," with star Sammy and his announcer, William B.;
a send-up of The Merv Griffin Show with Rick as Mr. Griffin;
and the continuing soap opera "The Days of the Week."

The series shortened its title to SCTV Network in the fall of
1981. In the fall of 1983, after being canceled by NBC,
SCTV surfaced for one more season on the pay-cable
television service Cinemax, with new episodes and some
changes in the cast. The only regulars on the Cinemax episodes
were Flaherty, Martin, Levy, and Short. All versions of the series,
syndicated, network, and cable TV, were made in Canada.

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SCTV Network 90

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