September 26, 1987 - May 14, 1988
FOX Situation Comedy
21 Episodes


Charles Russell/Time:   Kiel Martin
Chazz Russell:   Matthew Perry
Helen Russell:   Randee Heller
Francis "Booch" Lottabucci:   Billy Gallo
Eugene Blooberman:   Demian Slade
St. Peter:   Joseph Maher
Debbie Miller:   Terri Ivens
Alex:   Adam Sadowsky

When Second Chance premiered it was a fantasy comedy
about a man caught between heaven and hell. Charles Russell
died in the year 2011 in a hovercraft accident. When St. Peter
attempted to determine where Charles's soul should be sent,
he found that Mr. Russell was not good enough for heaven or
bad enough for hell. To resolve the situation Charles was
given a second chance--returning to earth 24 years earlier in
1987 to provide moral guidance for his younger self, under
the watchful eye of St. Peter. Hopefully he could go to Heaven.

Charles assumed the last name Time, and rented the room
over the garage at the Venice, California, home in which he
had grown up. His divorced mother Helen, who thought he
looked familiar, needed the money. The proximity to his
younger self, Chazz, gave him plenty of opportunity to help
the teenager become a more responsible adult than Charles
had turned out to be. Chazz's best friends were Booch, a
worldly wise, black-leather-jacketed womanizer similar to
Happy Days' Fonzie; and Eugene, an incredibly naive nerd.

Unhappy with the original format, the producers dropped the
fantasy element and actor Kiel Martin. In January 1988 the
series was retitled Boys Will Be Boys and the focus shifted
to the escapades of the three teens--Chazz, Booch, and
Eugene. Though still in high school, Chazz and Booch,
whose alcoholic father had recently died, became
roommates. They were living in that room over Mrs.
Russell's garage that Charles had lived in. Chazz also
had a new girlfriend in next-door-neighbor Debbie Miller.

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