September 12, 1978 - June 15, 1983
ABC & NBC Situation Comedy - 114 Filmed Episodes


Alex Rieger:   Judd Hirsch
Bobby Wheeler:   Jeff Conaway
Louie De Palma:   Danny DeVito
Elaine Nardo:   Marilu Henner
Tony Banta:   Tony Danza
John Burns:   Randall Carver
Latka Gravas:   Andy Kaufman
Reverend Jim Ignatowski:   Christopher Lloyd
Simka Gravas:   Carol Kane
Jeff Bennett:   J. Alan Thomas

The happy cabbies of New York's Sunshine Cab
Company were the focal point of this comedy.
Cab driving may be fun, but it was just a job
for this crew, most of whom were working part-time
as they tried to make it in other fields. Alex
Rieger, the most experienced and most conservative
of the group, was the only full-time driver. Bobby
Wheeler was a frustrated actor, waiting for his big
break; Elaine Nardo was an art gallery receptionist,
trying to pick up a few extra bucks; Tony Banta,
the boxer who never won a fight; and John Burns, the
student and all-around lost soul. Latka Gravas was
the company's mechanic, of indeterminate nationality
and fractured english, and Louie De Palma was the
dispatcher, a pint-sized petty tyrant who ran things
from a wire cage in the center of the garage.
Joining the cast in the second season was
"Reverend Jim" Ignatowski, a spaced-out ex-hippie.

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