September 29, 1987 - May 28, 1991
ABC Situation Comedy
89 Episodes


Michael Steadman:   Ken Olin
Hope Murdoch Steadman:   Mel Harris
Janey Steadman:   Brittany Craven
  Lacey Craven
Elliot Weston:   Timothy Busfield
Nancy Weston:   Patricia Wettig
Ethan Weston:   Luke Rossi
Brittany Weston:   Jordana Shapiro
Melissa Steadman:   Melanie Mayron
Ellyn:   Polly Draper
Prof. Gary Shepherd:   Peter Horton
Miles Drentell:   David Clennon
Susannah Hart:   Patricia Kalember
Billy Sidel:   Erich Anderson

thirtysomething was the very picture of the viewers ABC
wanted in its audience: 30-ish, upwardly mobile, preferably
with children, and spending lots of money on consumer
goods. Stories traced the relationships between two couples
and three singles living in Philadelphia, all friends. Michael
and Elliot had worked together at a large advertising agency,
then left to open their own. Michael's wife, Hope, a glamorous,
driven, overachiever from Princeton, wanted to be a superstar
in publishing but--for now--was raising their newborn baby,
Janey. Elliot's wife, Nancy, a flower child of the '60s, had
dreams of being an artist, but wound up raising their now
school-age children, Ethan and Brittany; by early 1988
Elliot and Nancy were going through a separation. Melissa
was Michael's sex-starved, want-it-all single cousin, a
photographer; Ellyn was Hope's girlhood friend, a worried
career woman; and Gary, a long-haired, fun-loving Assistant
Professor of Classics at college & Michael's best buddy.

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