September 7, 1987 - June 8, 1990
NBC Daytime & Syndicated Game Show

Bert Convy
Vicki Lawrence
Robb Weller

Gene Wood
Bob Hilton

Win, Lose or Draw was a hit TV game show created by Burt
Reynolds & Bert Convy, who invented the game after their
friend, Fred Astaire (who died just before the show's debut),
was shy at expressing himself when Burt & Bert, along
with their celebrity friends, were playing Celebrity Charades.

The object of the game was for each team (composed of 2
celebrity guests and a civilian contestant) to get certain
names, words, & phrases via drawing pictures. A coin was
tossed to decide which team went first. Each show ended
with a 90-second Speed Round to determine the winner
of the game. Among notable celebrities appearing on Win,
Lose or Draw included Loni Anderson, Michele Lee, Alan
Thicke, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Jim J. Bullock, Tony
Orlando, Marc Price, & Dick Clark, among many others.

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Win, Lose or Draw

Win, Lose or Draw
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Win, Lose or Draw
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