January 31, 1988 - May 12, 1993
ABC Situation Comedy - 115 Filmed Episodes


Kevin Arnold:   Fred Savage
Kevin (as adult; voice only):   Daniel Stern
Wayne Arnold:   Jason Hervey
Karen Arnold:   Olivia d'Abo
Norma Arnold:   Alley Mills
Jack Arnold:   Dan Lauria
Paul Pfeiffer:   Josh Saviano
Winnie Cooper:   Danica McKellar
Coach Cutlip:   Robert Picardo
Becky Slater:   Crystal McKellar
Mrs. Ritvo:   Linda Hoy
Kirk McCray:   Michael Landes
Carla Healy:   Krista Murphy
Mr. DiPerna:   Raye Birk
Mr. Cantwell:   Ben Stein
Doug Porter:   Brandon Crane
Randy Mitchell:   Michael Tricario
Craig Hobson:   Sean Baca
Ricky Halsenback:   Scott Nemes
Jeff Billings:   Giovanni Ribisi
Michael:   David Schwimmer

A whimsical view of growing up in suburban America
of the 1960s, as seen through the eyes of a 12-year-
old. In 1968 Kevin was just entering Robert F. Kennedy
Junior High School. Vietnam protests, Beatles music
and America's space program were in the air, but
Kevin's concerns were closer to home. His teenaged
brother, Wayne, existed only to torture and humiliate
him, or so it seemed; his older sister Karen was in
her own world of love beads and social protest.
Mom (Norma) and Dad (Jack) were a little distant,
especially Dad, an intimidating presence who came
home tired from work each day, and always seemed to
get into an argument with someone. The family dog
was Buster. Fitting in at school was an awesome
challenge, shared with best friend Paul and hoped-
for girlfriend Winnie. But Kevin, a rambunctious
kid with an angelic face, would try.

A wide variety of teachers, dates, friends, and
tormentors were seen from time tom time. Perhaps
the most memorable were fearsome Coach Cutlip and
"steady date" Becky, the best alternative to beloved
Winnie. The series was narrated by an unseen, adult
Kevin; news clips and music from the period also
contributed to the nostalgic flavor.

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